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patricia mauldin

Patricia Mauldin is the leader of the Got Swelling Team. 

Patricia's background began with an Associates degree in Paralegal.  She had worked in the legal field for over 10 years.

Patricia then decided to switch roles to become a general manager for an outpatient therapy clinic in the Palm Beach area in which she managed and operated for 6 years.

Patricia is a strong, motivated and caring individual.  

She currently resides in Coral Springs with her life partner, Tim and their dog, Louie II.

Remember, Patricia always says…… “ Loud and Proud.....Knowledge is Power & Prevention is Key!”

Should you need any anything or to be referred to an experienced, professional and ethical Certified Lymphatic Therapist, please feel free to contact her directly.

Our Team of Lymphatic Therapists aspire to provide helpful resources and information for those who are suffering from swelling, which can be related to venous insufficiency, edema or even lymphedema.

Our resources, management education and awareness all lead to…

Knowledge is Power & Prevention is Key so you can be Loud & Proud! 


Edema Specialists services:
Manual Lymph Drainage MLD 
Lymphatic Massage 
Swelling Reduction
Certified Compression Fitting & Training
Kinesio Taping
HIVIMAT Massage Treatments
Prevention Education
Lymphedema Education
Self MLD
Skin Care
Exercise Programs
Swelling / Edema Education
Wound Care
Compression Bandage Wrapping
Sports Injury Massage / Treatments
Plastic Surgery Massage / Treatments
Compression Garment Distributor Mediven Solaris BSN Jobst
CirAid Juzo


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